Kit Form Sheds

Approximately 20% of our shed sales are in the supply only of shed kits. It seems to be a growing trend and does offer the client ways to make substantial savings on the costs involved with their new venture. Not only do you save on the installation cost, but on supply only basis, we heavily discount the products.

We offer a full range of sheds in kit form that come with all Engineering documentation to meet with your Local Shire requirements, an informative and comprehensive installation manual, and can make available a DVD form of installation demonstration.

We also offer a backup assistance in the way of friendly advice to a Clients questions. We can arrange for the delivery of Shed Packages to anywhere in the state, a shed that will meet with your local Region and Terrain Category ratings.

What do you need in the way of tools and equipment to take on a DIY Shed project.

Someone to lay your concrete slab to the required specifications supplied by us.

  1. 1 Chalk Line
  2. Stable A Frame Ladder.
  3. 1 Set of Gilbow tin snips.
  4. 1 Socket Set.
  5. 1 Tek Screw gun.
  6. 1 Accurate Spirit Level.
  7. 4 Adjustable truck straps with ratchet tensioner.
  8. 1 String line.
  9. 1 Rivet Gun.
  10. 1 set of left hand and 1 set of right hand tin snips.
  11. Electric Drill (with hammer mechanism) and 1 16mm masonry drill.
  12. Screwdriver Set.
  13. 1 of 8.0 meter metric tape measure.
  14. 5″ Electric Grinder with steel cutting discs.
  15. A good mate to give you a hand on things like placing of Roller Doors etc.
  16. Safety equipment such as eye protection for any grinding work etc., work gloves for hand protection, appropriate footwear, and appropriate sun protection.

We do advise that if you have no aptitude for handy person type projects, it is not in your best interest to take on a project like this but we are finding that all our kit sales do run smoothly with few problems.

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